Native Chinese Medicine - Making Believers

Traditional Chinese medicine is the most well known and used alternative cures outside of China, especially in North America and Europe. Have you heard about "Acupuncture"? It originated from Chinese native medicine. Native Chinese healing ways use combinations of medicines prescribed by experts and made totally out of natural herbs for healing to defeat illness. In some cases, medicines are combined with needle therapies, massage therapies, natural food regimen, and long standing written processes of how to use them to acheive total healing for the individual. It is perhaps one of the few native medicinal practices that has a formal written code of how to administer it.

The basis of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is that a health problem in one location of the body is the result of a disruption of the natural distribution of the body’s total available energy, known as "qi". In Chinese traditional medicine thinking, there is a definite amount of the body’s total energy or “qi” allocated to each of the body’s natural functional systems of digestion, excretion, circulation, nervous system, respiratory systems including temperature regulation, etc. In TCM, it is believed that any deficiency or excess of “qi” in any of the functional systems will cause an imbalance in the natural distribution of the body’s total energy. This to say that the affected body system either has illegally given away part of its naturally allotted energy share, or has taken up more than its share of allotted energy, thereby creating a disorder in the natural state of things in the body. All body systems whose energy shares have been impacted by this lawlessness, (so to speak) will in essence begin to function abnormally. The symptons of illness associated with the specfic type of energy inbalance will begin to show up somewhere in the areas primarily served by the systems whose energy shares have been tampered with. TCM believes that this situation, if not corrected, creates an environment that allows illness or disease to enter and exist in the body.

As a result, Traditional Chinese Medicine's approach is to find and treat all unhealthy areas that are the reason for your illness by restoring the natural energy balance. In traditional Chinese medicicine, total wellness can only be possible when this correction has taken place. TCM practices are therefore designed to identify the body system or systems whose energy share are out of balance, and attempt to bring them to normal. This is the reason most if not all TCM medicines and compounds have ingredients for affecting more than one system of the body. Indeed, they are usually designed to affect multiple organs and body functions. For example, a Chinese medicine for treating a digestive condition is likely to also contain ingredients for affecting various circulation, and/or excretion systems because their functions are closely related. In doing so, the body is returned to its natural state as healing takes place. This is how Chinese medicines bring total healing to the individual. Makes sense, does'nt it? This is the reason for its long standing success. Once it heals you, chances are that you are healed completely.

Facts About Chinese Healing Medicine
  • They have been around for more than 3,000 years.

  • Most of those who practice native chinese healing art have been trained at medical schools that are similar to western medical schools.

  • Traditional Chinese healing medicines are made completely out of natural ingredients and have no harmful chemicals and additives.

  • Traditional Chinese medicine often contain several natural herbs with each herb targeting a different area of healing.

  • Chinese healing ways have scientific evidence to support their usefullness in treating certain illnesses such as certain forms of cancer, chronic pain, heart condition, infertility, arthritis, etc. Acupuncture is a widely used Chinese medical practice for treating pain and other ailments.
  • Before using Traditional Chinese Medicines:
  • Do your research and only use them when you are comfortable with the information you have. As effective as they are, it is still your life and you want to be careful. We believe in natural medicine, and these are natural herbal compounds to be used as supplements and in consultation with your doctor.

  • Some people may have reactions to even natural substances. Be sure to ask questions about any possible side effects in using any product or practice of TCM - Chinese Medicine