Knowing the Supernatural Healer

Here is a news flash! No human being is a supernatural healer, though a handful may have been appointed to serve as instruments for him. Brilliant, isn't it? Thanks. But that just begs for this question - who is he and how can you reach him? Here is the only correct answer - God Almighty alone is the supernatural healer. Your late grand father, mom, or uncle cannot do any such thing. If your dream says it was one of them or someone else you knew, then he/she was acting on the orders of God Almighty! Why, you ask? Well, Only the divine being can do supernatural things - those things that no person or other being can do, miracles. They are the things that leave you in awe, amazement, and wonder. How is that for a revelation? Really, its a no-brainer. Do you know of any supernatural man or woman? I did'nt think so.

I suspect your head is racing with so many other questions about this divine healer, right? Yes, you are among so many others who have questions about God himself, and the reality of his existence. Let's try to answer some of your questions:

Common Questions About God

  • Is there even a God Almighty and not a figment of some people's imagination?

  • How can I be sure that He exists?

  • I do not know him and have no relationship with him, so how can he know me let alone do anything for me?

  • Why does'nt He do supernatural things for me and everyone always, because this is the only way everyone will believe in him?

  • Can he really do all things, including heal me?

Answers to Common Questions

  • Biographies are written only of people that actually have existed and witnessed by other people. There is one written about Jesus Christ, son of God who came to earth by a miracle and lived on earth for a while. Those who knew him wrote an account of his life and it is contained in the book called "Holy Bible."

  • You are the proof that God exists. Something inside of you, or something you have seen or observed tells you that there is a power greater than you and anything else you know. That power my friend, is God Almighty - the supernatural healer.

  • Whether you know him or not, no one is a stranger to God Almighty. He made you and he knows you by your name. He calls you the apple of his eye. You are the most precious thing to him, so how can he not know you and how can he not do things for you? He is waiting to reveal himself to you when you look for him.

  • That's a tough question, even I ask that sometimes. But it almost seems as if He laughs at us when we ask this question. Behind this laughter he seems to be reminding us that he would be very ordinary if he always did amazing things for all people. Then he would be predictable, describable, boxable, without wonder, ordinary, not God, just like you and me. He assures though that he knows best what is best for you because he knows the past, the present, and all the future in a way that you will never be able to know. Your part is to put your trust in him. This is all he requires of you.

  • Yes, read his biography and see some of the things he has done. Go to a good church and hear some of the things He is doing today.

    He once spoke to the wind and the waves of the sea and they obeyed him because he made the wind and the waves and knows what makes them howl and crash things.

    Once he brought back to life a man who had been dead for many days and smelling when he got to him. He simply called him by name and he came fort from the grave. He knows your name too. Oh yes, he can heal you. I know this because He healed me of hepatitis B instantly.

    How Can I know him?
    He made it so simple. Just tell him you need him and ask that he forgive you all your sins. Confess aloud with your mouth that you know Jesus Christ died to save you, and rose from death to set you free. Tell him he is your Lord and your Savior, Amen.

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