Health & Healing in Natural Foods

We love to eat. Next to sex, good natural foods is one of the greatest things there is. But has it ever occurred to you that every time you think of what to eat you are involved in a health and healing decision? Yep, you sure are. Your choice of what to eat is surely a choice of how healthy you want to be. Healthy eating - the frequent eating of fresh sensible foods is a key to divine health and healing.

What you eat is so important the United States Goverment had to speak on it and did so very strongly. After extensive research and public hearing the US Senate Committee chaired by Senator McGovern issued "Dietary Goals for the United States" in the hope of saving lives and bringing down high costs of healthcare caused in large part by the kinds of foods we have become used to eating. The committee's report recommend that you reduce daily calorie intake; consume more of complex carbohydrates like wheat, whole cereals; reduce your use of refined sugars and fat; reduce your intake of saturated fat, and use more unsaturated fat; and reduce intake of cholesterol and sodium rich foods.

Sensible Foods Your Body Needs

  • Whole grains - wheat, cereals with at least 3 grams of fiber daily.
  • Fruits/Vegetables - apples, oranges, blueberries, broccoli, cauliflowwer, spinach, cabbage, celery, parsley, pumpkin, others green leafy vegetables, carrots, tomatoes.
  • Meats - turkey, chicken, salmon, fish with scales, some wild meat.
  • Dry fruits - such as almonds, walnuts, soy, sunflower seeds.
  • Beans - green beans, black eye peas, pears.
  • Fruit juices - cherry, apple, pomegranate, tea.
Why Should You Eat Sensible Foods?
  • It will do a lot to help your body rebuild it's cells, damaged fibers and tissue, when they happen as you live and work daily, and this will keep you healthy and strong.

  • Natural foods will prepare your body to do battle effectively with foreign agents like bacteria, virus, and other desease agents when they succeeed in getting inside your body.

  • Natural foods exist here for you and for one reason only - to keep your body's systems working properly so that it can take care of itself naturally. Other useful food tips
    Many foods that seem natural do not have enough natural contents in them. Much of what is out there have been grown on soil engineered with chemicals and additives that make them produce a lot in as short amount of time as possible. The chemicals and additives interfer with nature's calendar of production. This interferrance make the foods less rich with natural ingredients. Use them with caution. Better yet, your local whole foods or organic foods and natural supplement stores are a good place to look for natural foods, though a bit more expensive. Best of all, educate yourself on natural foods that are good for you. You will know what makes sense when you hear it because you were made to know this way. Natural Foods