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Cracked Gyrospora PowderHysteroma Fibroid
Used to fight cancer, reduce the side effects of cancer treatment, can prevent cancer or return of cancer
Anti-uterine fibroid and anti-ovarine cancer natural ingredients
Magic Anti Liver DiseaseStrong Prostate Herbal
Liver detox, liver repair

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Herbal Liver Detox
Nourish prostate, healthy urinary, bladder health

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Herbal Prostate Defense
Spirulina ExtractPanax Notoginseng
Used to fight chronic gastroenteropathy, stomach and duodenal ulcer, diabetes, anemia, anorexia
  • A multi-function plant extract described as "perfect food" by United Nations's Food and Agriculture Organization.
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Stopping bleeding, relieving pain, anti-fatigue, anti-inflammation, anti-aging,anti-oxidizing, protecting liver
Blended Ginseng ExtractBlended Ganoderma Extract
Controls blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, reduce arteriosclerosis
    Lowers blood pressure Naturally

  • Supresses bad cholesterol

  • Reduces clogging of arteries

  • Improves blood flow to heart and brain

  • Reduces chances of stroke
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Fights sleeplessness, protects liver, controls high blood pressure.
  • Anti cancers and inhibit cancers

  • Sedative hypnotic - fighting insomnia

  • Protects the liver

  • Promotes longevity
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Super Slimming HerbalTCM Diabetes Care
Weight loss, stay slim naturally
Blood sugar, Liver immunity
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3 or 1 Pk Herbal Diabetes Care

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