Spirituality and Divine Healing

Spirituality always sounds like some alien word, doesn't it? It's not used often in ordinary conversations and when you hear it used it feels a bit uncomfortable to join that conversation. People are usually quick to change the subject to something more fun. During one such opportunity, a friend of mine quipped - "I can't have this conversation when am sober." But spirituality should not be a mysterious word because it is'nt. "It's simply a recognition that there is more to you than what can be gleaned from physical senses. It is also a recognition and acceptance that there are unseen forces and powers much greater than you and I, vying for your expression of allegiance and devotion in some form of fashion." - DHHW.

A discussion on spirituality invariably invites you to answer the question, which spiritual power or force do you believe in?

When illness or circumstances that defy modern medical know-how or anything else known to man, it is your spirituality that will dispose you to hope for better days ahead, or not. This is because you can lean on that greater power (if it is truely greater than all other things) for the help you need. You will not just give up and go lie down on your bed and wait until the spirit of death concurs with you and makes the final call. In times like that, your spiritual side can be a link to your healing. I know this because I have faced this prospect more than once in the last twenty years. So, I say to you assuredly that there is a strong link between you and supernatural healing - your spirituality.

What is Spirituality?
There are two parts to it. The first is knowing and accepting that there is an unseen force or power that controls everything you see including yourself. Usually, this force is called, God, the good and Almighty God. The second is - taking routine action to gain valuable information about your spiritual allegiance and anchor and acqaint your mind about who he is and how he controls everything that impact your life. Those who do these two things are said to have "faith in God." The following things are part of the lives of those who have faith in God:

  • They have a habit of prayer - communication with the subject of their faith, usually God Almighty.

  • They fellowship routinely with others who share their faith, in congregations called "Church" or places of worship.

  • They lean on their faith in God at all times, especially during great uncertainties of life, including health, family, nation, or relational issues, and meditate often about him and his works.

  • They expect God Almighy to come through in those times and will remain in their belief that He will until something happens.
  • What no Spirituality will cost you?
  • You will never know what it is and what it can do for you.

  • When what you and the natural world around you can do is not enough, you will be at the end of your answers. That is, your options for answers will be limited by you.

  • You will never know the power and the wonder of the world you cannot see with your eyes or taste, hear, touch, smell, or verify with experiments and gadgets of science.
  • Learn more about spirituality and see if you can benefit from the wonders many have reported it to be.

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