Power of the Mind - This Healing Meditation

Can a butterfly leap off the page of a book you're reading as you focus on its image? Is this possible? Sure, why not? It happened in the mind of the person who created the art work above. This is why he was able to put it where others can fancy his imagination. If you know how to use creative imagination, you could have a strong hand in bringing health and healing to yourself when you need it. It is a powerful natural healing tool given to you by God Almighty so you could always have divine health and healing. He thought of and formed you in a way that protects you from every harmful situation to your health that you would encounter on earth. How awesome is that? It's worth a clapp of hands to him and a wonder about this kind of being.

Infact, God intended for you to meditate often, and many people do so without even knowing it. For example, if you have ever sat quietly and contemplated how you would want a date with your would-be lover to go, including seeing yourself at an appropriate point locked in a warm embrace and passionate kiss with your date, then you can grasp the effectiveness of creative imagination. You planned it out inside of you and the blueprint guided you until the kiss happened. What a guy/gal, right? Yes, that's simplistic,but that, my friend, is meditation or creative imagination at work.

If the truth be known, meditation is an extra ordinary health, healing, and creative agent that will tap elements of the invisible creative force within and outside of you and amaze you with its results. You have an opportunity here to acquire the knowledge of how to meditate for divine healing and health, and more. The proof will be you.

What Healing Meditation is:
  • Imagination of possibilities that are yet to manifest in the physical realm.

  • True meditation will always have its basis in truths or history that can be verified, or ones that are true but not yet manfested in physical place.

  • It is a practice for your private times and not to be witnessed by others. You need no distractions.

  • It is a very serious time of mental and mind battles for divine health, healing, or any other need for which known capabilities and resources are inadequate.

  • Healing meditation requires a strong spiritual presence to achieve maximum results.

    Health & Healing Rewards of Meditation:
  • Increased ability to think more clearly in all areas of your life.

  • Your physical body is energized and your body's army of defenses is mobilized to a degree greater than what your body or spirit is facing.

  • At the minimum, the mental clarity that results will lead you to better understanding of more effective ways to manage your health or healing efforts.

  • A heightened awareness of the invissible nature within and around you, and the possibilties they hold for your great health, healing, or other needs.

    Prayer, a Great Compliment to Healing Meditation

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