Curative Power of Healing Foods

There is a strong connection between natural or healing foods and divine health and healing. According to biblical history, men of ancient times got to live very long. Ever wonder why? For example Adam, the first man lived to be 930 years old. His first son Seth lived to be 912 years old and his grandson Enosh lived for 905 years old. His other grandson Kenan died at 910 years of age and his great grandson lived to be 895 years. Methuselah, NoahÂ’s grandfather lived the longest at 969 years of age.

How did they get to live so long without modern medicine? The answer is that men of old ate natural foods. This is the only kind of food they had to eat and it sustained and nourished their bodies to stay alive for all those years. It helped ofcourse that sometimes they got to talk to God face to face. Sure, times are different, but what your body needs to survive and live long are not.

Here is another one, it appears in the book of Daniel chapter 1 and verses 1-16. In the story, the king had a special task for Daniel and his friends and wanted them well fed and ready before they began the important work. But Daniel and friends refused the offer to eat the same food given to the king of Babylon because they remembered God's recommendations about food. Although the king's food was rich according to his standards and desires, it did not meet the standard recommended for the body by God. So, Daniel and friends had a better idea.

Instead, they challenged the king's officials to a contest to see which group of kingdom workers would look better after only ten days on two different diet plans. Daniel's group chose a diet of healthy foods consisting of vegetables for ten days while the other group happily indulged themselves on the "the king's choice foods". At the end of this contest, the difference between the groups was distinguishable to the satisfaction (and no doubt) amazement of the king's official. Daniel and his friends came up looking much healthier and stronger than the others. As it turned out, they were eventually found to be more fit for the special work of the kingdom.

Every time you choose what to eat or drink, you are making a health and healing choice. Healthy eating - the frequent eating of fresh natural foods is a key to your divine health and healing.
Facts About Popular Foods
  • They contain chemicals added to make preserve and make them last longer.

  • They contain additives engineered in the labs to fool you with good taste and keep you coming back.

  • Their chemical contents are not easily removed from your body's systems, and can build up and cause it problems someday.

  • Their contents lack adequate cell rebuilding nutrients due to the interference of chemical additives.

  • They do not have enough of materials that help build up your body's defensive systems.
Facts About Healing Food
  • Their contents are all natural ingredients added by nature according to its wisdom.

  • They are made by nature to taste good naturally.

  • Their contents are easily removed from your body's systems just as it was designed to do.This is why you are to eat them regularly to keep nourished.

  • They help your body rebuild any damaged cells due to wear and tear, and this will keep you healthy and strong.

  • Natural foods will prepare your body to fight foreign agents like bacteria, virus, and other desease agents if they succeeed in getting.

  • Healing foods exist here for you and for one reason only - to keep your body's systems working properly so that it can take care of itself naturally. Other useful food tips

Healing Foods Your Body Needs

  • Whole grains - wheat, cereals with at least 3 grams of fiber daily.

  • Fruits/Vegetables - apples, oranges, blueberries, broccoli, cauliflowwer, spinach, cabbage, celery, parsley, pumpkin, others green leafy vegetables, carrots, tomatoes.

  • Meats - turkey, chicken, salmon, fish with scales, some wild meat. Its best to get your meat from the local butcher shop when it is fresh and without preservatives.

  • Dry fruits - such as almonds, walnuts, soy, sunflower seeds.

  • Beans - green beans, black eye peas, pears.

  • Fruit juices - cherry, apple, pomegranate, tea.
  • Natural Food Sites We Recommend

  • Try Fossil Farms - For your exotic and natural fresh meats.

  • Honeyville Food Products - Their products are comparable to what you will find at your local organic food store.

    Educate yourself also on Healing foods that are good for you.

    NOTE: If you have a life threatening medical emergency and need immediate help, please go now to the nearest hospital and ask for help. There is nothing on this site for medical emergencies.

    We always lean on God and we use natural foods as a first step to health and healing, but "We do not provide any sort of medical advice. Its a good idea to consult your doctor prior to using any health product"